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Facility Use Request Form

FIT Student/Faculty Corporation
Facilities and Special Events, Suite C214
Telephone (212) 217-4120    Fax (212) 217-4121

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Contact Information
Name of Organization: *  
Type/Nature of Organization's Business:
Organization Address: *  
Organization Contact: *  
Phone: *  
Email Address: *  
On-Site Event Supervisor:
Email Address:
Status of Organization: *  
(If non-profit and/or tax exempt, copy of certificate must be provided.)
Organization Website:
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Event Information
Name of Event: *  
Date(s) Requested: *  
Time Requested: *  
Number of Attendees: * Ticket Price:  
Will media be attending your event? If yes, which?
Type of Space Requested: *

Event Description/Purpose: *  
Type of Event: *

AV Requirements:
Please indicate amount needed.
Podium with Mic Standing Floor Mic
Handheld Wireless Mic Lapel Mic
How many table top mics? FIT Laptop¹
Your Own PC Laptop Your Own Mac Laptop
DVD Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
LCD Projector CD Player
Live Music Platform Stage
Videotaping Specialty Lighting
Internet Access Easel
¹ We recommend you bring your own laptop
Set-up Requirements:
Please indicate amount needed.
60" Round Tables 6 Foot Tables Chairs    
Seating Style Requirements:
Theater Style (chairs only, no tables)
Classroom Style (6ft. tables with chairs)
Conference Style (one large table with chairs)
Banquet (60" round tables with 8 chairs)
Other, Please describe
Please indicate amount needed.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Snacks Linens China
Buffet Reception Sit-Down
Staffing: Based on the type of event, FIT will determine the necessary
staffing listed below at current FIT rates:
  • Lighting Technician
  • Audio-Visual Technician
  • Videotaping Technician
  • Security
  • Custodian
Will alcohol be served? * *If yes, security guard is required.
Will hazardous materials be used? * *No open flames allowed.
Client Responsibilities
Client is required to provide proof of $2 Million per occurrence (not aggregate) liability insurance with the Fashion Institute of Technology and the FIT Student-Faculty Corporation indicated as additional insured.
Client must provide the name of an on-site supervisor for the event. This on-site supervisor must be present at the event and is responsible for:
  • Planning and coordinating the event in conjunction with FIT's Facilities and Special Events Office
  • Ensuring that event participation is in compliance with FIT's policies and procedures
  • Control access to any public assembly area. This includes but is not limited to: reviewing and monitoring the number of admissions tickets; supervising guest lists; monitoring no food and beverage policies; adherence to capacity guidelines, etc.
Client Responsibilities: *
FIT Responsibilities
FIT's Facilities and Special Events Office is responsible for the overall coordination of your event. This includes coordinating set-up and technical, maintenance, and security requirements. FIT will ensure that all appropriate permits are obtained and all systems are operating according to fire and other codes.
PLEASE NOTE: This form is for informational purposes only and does not represent any agreement the FIT Student/Faculty Corporation may enter into with a user.
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